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About ANZA PADRON:    
“I’ve found that in a lot of cases, the dam’s tail female line produces the motion in an individual, while the tail female of the sire increases the odds of getting the ‘look’.  Padron is about the most beautiful thing you’ve ever laid eyes on; ideally, if you cross that horse with one with extreme motion, you get something like what happened in Anza Padron.  If you then use a tail female line with a lot of athletic ability to cross on Anza Padron, you should get the motion, but maintain the prettiness. That’s what everyone wants -- a beautiful, beautiful horse that can trot”.  

Bill Rodgers,  Trainer

“It’s extremely unusual in an English performance class to see an Arabian horse with so much quality and type, who looks like an Arabian horse, and can be so athletic on all four legs”. “He has so much elevation and strength from behind, with a lot of expression and an absolutely free shoulder.  It’s highly unusual to see that, and obviously, that’s what we’re all breeding for.  This horse has all of these qualities”.

Duane Esser, Trainer and 2004 US Nationals Judge

“He sits down on his hocks and gets great. Anza is making a great cross with the half-Arabians as well.  Even there, they want those same set of hocks.  We all know in the industry today that we need a horse with better hocks, and Anza Padron is passing that on to his offspring”.

 Jim  Stachowski, trainer/ Stachowski Farms

“He has an absolutely incredible tail carriage.  If you want a better tail and a lot of quality, you’ll  have to breed to something like Anza to get it. Anza Padron’s a great answer to all of the Hucklebey Berry mares that we have, the Afire Bey V daughters, the Apollo daughters, the Bask Afire daughters — the whole slew of Huckleberry Bey-bred mares that are out there to be bred.”

Shawn Stachowski, National Champion rider and breeder

“We believe that Anza’s ability to pass on greatness comes from both his sire and his dam.  We love everything about him except one thing — the ownership.  We wish he were ours”.   

David Boggs, trainer / Midwest Arabians

“The first thing Anza Padron did when I saw him come out of his stall was to drop  his rear end and motor on. To some degree, you can train them to do that — but for Anza, it was natural.  All that impulsion from the back end was phenomenal. He has tremendous width between the eyes, which we don’t see much of any more.  And tiny little ears, the big bone --  a beautifully classic Arabian head. This is a horse that you want to put a saddle and ride”

Pam Bauerline, breeder

“Anza is really, really mellow and kind, but he’s all show horse.  The minute  you turn him loose, he ‘turns on’.  He’s all about his job”.  

Stuart Vesty, Equine Photographer

“There’s a lot of power there, but he’s generous, kind, and  fun to ride.   I wish everybody could have the opportunity to ride an Anza Padron”.  

Mike Clark, Management, Stachowski Farm, Inc.

 (when he just started in training):  “They turned him loose, and he was naturally gifted. He was set high in his shoulder, he moved off all four corners and he liked going forward”.    

 Don DeLongpre - Trainer

“ Twenty years ago I had a dream about a red horse.  It wasn’t until a couple of years ago that I connected that red horse in the dream with the red Anza Padron.  By that time, I’d already begun to believe that Anza could make a valuable contribution to the Arabian breed, and that it was his destiny to do so”.  “What a privilege it has been to own Anza.  It’s thrilling and gratifying to watch as he imprints offspring his with physical traits, athleticism, disposition -- and trainability.”

Margo Spitz Marbut, owner of Anza Padron

About Anza Padron Foals:
Anza on Fire is as beautiful as his pedigree would suggest and equally as talented!  I am eagerly looking forward to training Anza on Fire to a successful show career”.

Dwayne Burger

"CM Little Anza Bey has taken her dad's fast trott'n action, smooth body, high set tail carriage, and sweet sassy attitude around the barn and is turning everybody's heads! This little hot-to-trot filly has elegance, beauty, and size mixed in with a Ferzon-bred Bey Shah mom.  
She is our new little "star" -- we are extremely happy with this combination!!"

Suzy and Cecil Martinez ~ Arriba Arabians
Templeton, California  

"We've been blessed not only with a truly handsome colt from Anza Padron, but also with a filly who is a full sister to our colt. Both are outstanding examples of Anza Padron qualities. We could not be more pleased with our decision to breed our mare, EA Sterlin Doll, to Anza."
Cindy and Ron Kneiss
Harmony, PA

“Our brand new bay Anza colt is all legs and fabulous! He doesn't need a bridle........he appears to be bridled already <smile> and he certainly
THINKS he is ready for the big ring!! This, not so little man, is JUST what I had hoped we would get and we are thrilled!! He is bold and fearless
but VERY sweet. I know that we in the "Anza family" will be VERY proud of in in the future. Your superior stallion has shown himself to be a
great producer of top quality right here in our barn! Thanks to all of you who brought him "out" to share with us. ...the thought of your incomparable
Anza being in our barn now, in the form of our colt, makes my heart swell with joy. We are so blessed. He is out of GAF Khloe Rae, a mare we own
in partnership with friends, making him double Padron as well. Not a bad start in life!

Hilary Hinds
Windridge Farm Arabians

“Anzamation is a dream come true. Conformation, class, disposition ,athleticism and beauty have culminated in one wonderful colt we call "Buster". I couldn't be more please with the cross of Anza Padron and my Bey Shah bred mare. It's a golden cross. We expect great things from him!!”

Julie Graham-Tevis
Graham Training Center
Olympia WA

“Anzavalon (Anza Padron x Garland Afire) is the most exquisite foal I have ever seen! He is chestnut with 4 high whites and an-off center blaze — just like Anza and Padron. This colt walks around with his head straight up every where he goes. When he is outside and gets fired up that tail goes straight up along with his nose and his feet look like they are spring-loaded. Anzavalon has brought so much joy to all of our lives that I wouldn’t have thought possible. My mother would have gone totally nuts over this colt.
I am most definitely interested in breeding Garland Afire back to Anza next spring!”

Lori Kelly
Little Miami Arabians
Bellbrook, Ohio

About Anza Ramona:
“ I have pictures of her as a yearling and she was about as perfect as filly as you can imagine.  She was real level over her top and she had an extremely long neck — and I mean long like you never saw; it was a pencil throat.  Not only was she by Eter, but she went back to Bataan and some good moving Kellogg horses”.   

Don DeLongpre

“She was incredibly beautiful and extremely athletic”.    

David Boggs/ Midwest Arabians
About Padron:
“I believe that if he had been trained for performance before halter, he would have been a champion English Pleasure horse.  He had incredible motion off both sides.”

Bob Battaglia / Battaglia Farms































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